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Secure Your Personal Finances While Online

ALERT: The Heartbleed OpenSSL Vulnerability

In the past week there was a vulnerability that was discovered called “Heartbleed” affecting technology using OpenSSL. OpenSSL is an “open-source” encryption implementation of internet protocols. We do not use OpenSSL technology for any Capital Bank products or services containing customer information.

We at Capital Bank make security our highest priority and we want to assure you that none of our systems containing customer data were affected by this bug.

We strongly suggest at this time that you consider changing your email passwords and social media website passwords due to the fact that some of these systems could be affected by the Heartbleed bug. While these websites have no bearing on our system, we do want to assist with your overall personal information security.

We also suggest that you upgrade your PC to a newer version of Windows if you are still using Windows XP. Microsoft has stopped all support for this operating system leaving it now open to attack.


Get more information about protecting yourself online at our security pages.